Boiboi Campsite is
a completely free campsite

It is a spacious auto campsite with completely free space. Find your favorite spot where you don’t have to worry about your neighbors and enjoy a relaxing time.


Boiboi Campsite Usage Fee

Auto Free Site Usage Fee

Fee per vehicle per night

Car Motorcycle
Weekdays, Sunday
¥2,000 JPY ¥1,500 JPY
¥2,500 JPY ¥1,500 JPY
High season
Designated consecutive holidays
¥3,000 JPY ¥2,000 JPY
December to February
¥1,500 JPY ¥1,500 JPY
Day camp
¥500 JPY ¥500 JPY

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  • On-season : March to November
  • High season (in 2024)
    4/27-5/5, 7/13-7/14, 8/10-8/14, 9/14-9/15, 9/21-9/22, 10/12-10/13, 11/2-11/3
  • Day camp : There are days when we do not accept reservations. Please note that you will not be able to make reservations on days when the accommodation is scheduled to be fully booked.
  • There is no parking space on the premises. The above fee will be charged for all vehicles.

Check-in (additional fee)

Early check-in 10:00-10:59 ¥1,500 JPY
11:00-12:29 ¥1,000 JPY
12:30-12:59 ¥500 JPY
Late check-out Per vehicle ¥1,000 JPY

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  • Early check-in : You can enter early by paying an additional fee per vehicle. (No reservation required. Calculation will be done automatically based on arrival time.)
  • Please note that some days may not be available, so please check with the reception if you wish to use the service.

Facility fee

Fee per person (pet) per night

Accommodation Day camp
(junior high school students and above)
¥1,100 JPY ¥550 JPY
(ages 3 to elementary school)
¥550 JPY ¥300 JPY
(ages 0 to 2)
Free Free
Pets ¥550 JPY ¥300 JPY

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Camping set

*Facility fee included

Tents used Maximum number of people Fee
Snow Peak
4 Person ¥32,000 JPY
Small Sabbatical
Sky Pilot
2 Person ¥23,000 JPY

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  • We will contact you one week prior to the day of use to confirm your reservation and provide details.
  • Please note that early check-in and late check-out are not possible with the camping set.


Advance reservations are required to use the campsite.
Please be aware of this.

Fill out this application form in advance and bring it to the cashier
on the day to make the process smoother


Terms of Use

There are rules to ensure
everyone can enjoy camping.

  1. Please take your trash home
    with you.
    After making sure the fire is out, put the ashes in the pail in the kitchen building.

    Collection is available for a fee (¥500 JPY).
    (Please ask staff if you wish to have your car taken away.)

    Click here for details

  2. Vehicle movement
    Drive slowly within the site (10km or less).
    For safety reasons, please refrain from moving vehicles or entering or leaving the site between sunset and sunrise.
    After the management building closes, a chain will be placed at the entrance to the site for security purposes. Please put it on and take it off when entering or leaving the site.
  3. Turning off the lights
    Quiet time is from 10pm to 7am.
    Please turn off exterior lights.
    (Lanterns, lights)
    Please be considerate of others when talking in your tent.
    Please turn off excessively bright rope lights and flashing lights.
    If there are any problems within the site, such as noise at night, please call the emergency contact number provided at the reception.
  4. Precautions
    when making a bonfire
    (This includes wood stoves and BBQs on bonfire stands)

    Place a non-flammable sheet under the bonfire stand and use a protective board underneath it.
    Protective boards are available outside the management building, so please use them.
    *Please help protect the grass.

    Click here for details

    Bonfires are dangerous in strong winds.
    There is a risk of fire and damage to tents and vehicles downwind.
    Take measures against the wind, such as using a tent or other means, or do not make a bonfire.
    After 10 p.m., end the bonfire without adding new firewood. (The sound of the firewood popping and the brightness will disturb the sleep of those around you.)
    If the grass becomes discolored or burned, please notify the management building so that staff can check the extent and extent of the damage. (Repair fee ¥3000 JPY / 30cm square depending on severity)
  5. About using the kitchen
    Please refrain from throwing leftover food or food waste into the drain. (Please take your food waste home with you)
    Synthetic detergents are not allowed. Please use the soap provided.
  6. About setting up tents
    When setting up tents and tarps, please make sure there is enough space between you and other people for one car to pass through. (The same goes for guy rope positions.)
  7. About managing belongings
    Please take care of your wallet and valuables when leaving your tent.
    Please keep trash and food inside the tent to prevent crows and small animals from stealing them.
  8. For those with pets
    Please keep your pet on a leash and clean up any droppings. (Do not flush droppings down the toilet.)
    Please be considerate and do not cause inconvenience to others.
  9. Others
    Please refrain from joining family or friends on the premises who have not checked in.
    Please note that fees paid at check-in cannot be refunded.
    • We are not responsible for any accidents, theft, or trouble between customers that occur within the campsite.
    • For safety and facility management reasons, we may ask you to leave if any inappropriate behavior is observed.
      We will also refuse future use of the site.

Prohibited items

  • Open fires (bonfires in ways other than those specified)
  • Noisy media devices, playing musical instruments, making noise
  • Generators
  • Noise from opening and closing doors late at night or early in the morning, hammering in pegs, etc.
  • Drones and unmanned aircraft
  • Speeding, sudden acceleration, sudden braking, Idling, car stereos
  • Littering cigarettes and trash
  • Use of insecticides such as bush mosquito barriers
  • Fireworks (only hand-held fireworks are allowed outside the site, on asphalt, etc.)